Ceremonial Inauguration of NPC was done with Guests on the dias sowing seeds and Dr. Vandana Shiva is seen lighting the earthen lamp

Dr. Vandana Shiva setting the tone of NPC with the Inaugural Address

Guests on the dias - (seen in pic) Narsanna Koppula, Mr. C. Parthasarathi , Dr. Ganesan Balachander and Dr. Vithal Rajan

Guests on the dias (seen here) S.P.Tucker _ Claude Alvares

Deepika Kundaji conducting a session on Seed Conservation - Vegetable Diversity

Narsanna Koppula - Founder of Aranya Agricultural Alternatives

Dr. Sultan Ismail speaking on Living Soil

Participants interacting with the women farmers who have preserved native seeds

Demostration Stall on Soil types

Panel for Question-Answer session


National Permaculture Convergence (5th - 7th February 2016) was an inclusive forum where 1180 practitioners in the rapidly growing fields of permaculture, eco-friendly agricultural practices and sustainability, came together to connect and share experiences and best practices. The Convergence included talks, presentations, discussions, small demonstrations and exhibitions that explored the theme "Towards Healthy Societies". It was a great space to learn, network, present and celebrate.
This event was being hosted by Aranya Agriculture Alternatives.

Who Participated

People working towards or interested in ecological solutions in various fields including sustainable agriculture, natural resource management, environment, biodiversity, sustainable living, health and nutrition, participated at NPC 2016. This included enthusiastic farmers & farmers' organisations, academicians, researchers, policy makers, students, entrepreneurs and many more who share the vision of creating 'healthy societies'.

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a contraction of the two words 'PERMAnent AgriCULTURE'. It stands for responsible and wise use of natural resources, in a way that will sustain life for the present as well as future generations. It is a philosophy and practice that enables people to design and establish productive systems to provide for their food, energy, shelter and other material and non-material needs, in harmony with natural systems.

Aranya Agricultural Alternatives & IPC India 2017

Aranya Agricultural Alternatives is an NGO working with farming communities since 1999 in the field of Natural Resource Management and Sustainable Agriculture, across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.
For more information,
visit permacultureindia.org

In Nov 2017, Aranya Agricultural Alternatives will be hosting the 13th International Permaculture Convergence in India. It will be attended by permaculture practitioners from across the globe. IPC is a biennial event; the twelfth IPC was held in UK in September 2015. For more information, visit ipcindia2017.org

Convergence Features


Thematic Sessions

Leading experts and practitioners from across India will share their experiences on the key themes via talks, presentations, panel discussions and Q-A sessions.


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Demonstration Pavilion

This pavilion will provide the opportunity to watch, learn and share innovative permaculture techniques.


Exhibition Stalls

Stalls are available for a fee to exhibit products and organizations with values consistent with permaculture principles of caring for the earth, caring for people, and sharing resources.


Dr. Vandana Shiva

Permaculture in Indian Agriculture

Narsanna Koppula

Permaculture Design

Claude Alvares

Farming as if nature mattered

Dr. Sultan Ahmed Ismail

Living Soil; Soil Regeneration Methods

Umendra Dutt

Changing Trends In Indian Agriculture

NPC 2016 Updates

Mailing list

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Upcoming Event

Permaculture Design Course

From 7-21 January 2017

Conducted by:
Mr. Narsanna Koppula and Mr. Rico Zook

Permaculture is a contraction of the words 'permanent' and 'agriculture' or 'permanent' and 'culture.' Based on this philosophy the ethical basis, the code of conduct for people is evolved and founded on

  • Care of the earth
  • Care of the people
  • Fair Share

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