We need your support! Strengthen the movement to steer India towards a healthier and more sustainable future. Please consider making a contribution at one of the following levels to bring together farmers from across the nation so they may share ideas and practices that will transform the land, transform their lives, and transform our nation.

Friend-a-Farmer (Krishi Mitra)

For Rs 3,500, your contribution will pay for the participation fee for one farmer for the duration of the 3-day convergence. This fee mainly includes accommodation and meals during the convergence.

If you would like to pay the participation fee for a farmer you personally know, you can directly register the farmer for this event. For this, visit registration page

Friends of Farmers will receive information about the sponsored farmer/s and a brief report of the overall event. Information about donor and sponsored farmers will also be shared on this website after the event.

Friends of NPC India

You can choose to make a general donation of any amount towards this event. There are many costs associated with organising the event that are not included in the participation fee including venue, logistics and administration. Your contribution will help us meet these costs. You will receive a brief report about NPC 2016 after the event.

Kindly note: You will be redirected to the official website of Aranya Agricultural Alternatives ( for making this donation