Permaculture Design Courses (PDC's) are regularly offered by Aranya Agricultural Alternatives.
The course consists of 72 hours of class instruction taught by qualified instructors consistent with the criteria set out by the Permaculture Institute.
Internationally recognized certificates are granted upon successful completion of the coursework and practical projects.

The following are courses currently being offered:

PDC in Hyderabad, Telangana: December 12 - 23, 2015

This PDC is being conducted by Narsanna Koppula and Rico Zook. This 12-day course emphasizes applied permaculture and includes substantial practical sessions on permaculture farms. The course is designed according to local, seasonal, geographical and climatic conditions in order to tie-in permaculture concepts with local practices. The focus will be on dry/ semi-arid climatic conditions. This course is open to all who question mankind's current connection to earth and its beings. It is beneficial for those who are working with land regeneration, farms, communities and environment. Both the facilitators are globally renowned permaculture practitioners. This event is being organised by Aranya Agricultural Alternatives, Hyderabad.

Prior Registration is mandatory.

For more information and registration visit this link: Aranya Facebook

or contact Aranya-NPC office or Rebecca at aranyahyd@gmail.com or Call +91 8500640590 , +91 9705998166

PDC in Karjat, Maharashtra: November 14 - 15, 2015

This 12-day permaculture-in-action course, was led by Narsanna Koppula. It equips students with the perspectives and skills to observe and interact with the patterns and rhythms of nature to create beautiful, abundant, resilient farms and homes. It will emphasize hands-on learning, with students actively contributing to the development of a permaculture farm. This PDC also integrated the practices of yoga, meditation, community mobilization and Ayurveda. Applied together, these practices enable people to live in peace and harmony with their environment, to develop holistic solutions for communities, and regenerative stewarding of the land. The lead instructor was Narsanna Koppula of Aranya Agricultural Alternatives, Hyderabad. This event was hosted by Academy for Earth Sustainability, Mumbai.